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Iconclass Illustrated Edition This link opens in a new window
  • Freely available internet resource
Iconclass, a hierarchical classification system designed for art and iconography, is used by museums and art institutions around the world to describe and retrieve subjects represented in images (works of art, book illustrations, reproductions, photographs, etc.) For access to images, create a free account.
The Iconclass system has a history reaching back into the 1940’s when Henri van de Waal began to develop ideas for a universal classification for the subject matter of works of art. The classification itself went through several phases, after its first edition as part of the Decimal Index of Art of the Low Countries or D.I.A.L., in 1968.
In its completed form it was published as a printed publication in 17 volumes between 1973 and 1985 (in the library, see call number NE90 B3).
In its digital format it was included in the HIDA-MIDAS database management system of the Marburger Index in the 1980's.
This third version of the Iconclass browser is different from its predecessors in that it offers a large corpus of classified images to be used for comparison and inspiration.