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The Print: History, Theory, and Practice: Print Serials

Paul C├ęzanne, Les Baigneurs

Paul Cézanne, Les Baigneurs: Grande Planche (The Bathers: Large Plate). Lithograph in black and colors on laid paper, 1898. Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Mass.

Print Journals in the Clark Library

Art on Paper New York, 1998– .

Clark Stacks  N1 P72  Library has vol. 3 (1998-99)- v.14 no.2 (2009)-


Artist's Proof New York, 1961–72.  (Later titled Print Review)

Clark Stacks N1 A797  Library has vol. 1–5 (1961–1967)


Il Conoscitore di Stampe.  Milan, 1975–1983.

Clark Stacks  N1 P71   Library has no. 15-29—no. 60 (1975–1983)


Imprint: Journal of the American Historical Print Collectors' Society.  New York, 1976– .

Clark Stacks  N1 I375  Library has vol. 1–  (1976– )


Nouvelles de l'Estampes.  Paris.

Clark Stacks  N2 N6   Library has no. 8-10–  (1966– )


Print Collector's Newsletter New York, 1970– .

Clark Stacks N1 P72  Library has vol. 1–27, nos. 1, 2 (1970-72–1996)


Print-Collector's Quarterly.  Woodstock, VT, 1911–1950.

Clark Stacks N1 P73   Library has vol. 1–30 (1911–1949-51)


Print Connoisseur, a Quarterly Magazine for the Print Collector.  New York, 1920–1932.

Clark Stacks  N1 P75   Library has vol. 1–11, no. 3 (1920/21–1931); holdings incomplete


Print Quarterly London, 1984– .

Clark Stacks N1 P76   Library has vol. 1–  (1984–  )


Print Review  (Titled Artist's Proof 1961–72)  New York, 1973–1985.

Clark Stacks  N1 P77   Library has (1973–1985)


Prints.  New York, 1930–1938.

Clark Stacks N1 P78   Library has vol. 1-2–vol. 7-8 (1930-32–1936-38)