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Finding out about your work of art: A bibliography of sources in the Clark library: Photographs

Find out about photographs

Baldwin, Gordon, and Martin Jürgens.  Looking at Photographs:  A Guide to Technical Terms.  Los Angeles, CA:  J. Paul Getty Museum, 2009.

Provides concise explanations of the terms most frequently used by curators, collectors, and historians to discuss and describe photographs, especially those terms “likely to appear on descriptive labels in exhibitions or in catalogue entries.” 

Stacks  NE2600 B35 2009


Dennis, Landt and Lisl.  Collecting Photographs:  A Guide to the New Art Boom.  New York:  E. P. Dutton, 1977.

Chapters on the inventors and artists of photography, photography collectors, how to know what to collect, investing in negatives, conservation and preservation of black and white photographs, whether to invest in color photographs, and photography prices.  Price information is too old to be reliable.

Stacks  NE2600 D4


Haller, Margaret.  Collecting Old Photographs.  New York:  Arco, 1978.

Includes sections on the images, photographers, and literature of photography, concentrates on the first 100 years of photography, to about 1940.  Section 1 is a glossary on the techniques and terms of photography; section 2 is a biographical dictionary of important figures in photography; section 3 is an annotated list of important publications on photography, by photographers, or with important photographic illustration.  Price/value information is out of date.

Stacks  NE2600 H3

Charles NĂ©gre, Kitchen of the Imperial Asylum at Vincennes

Charles Négre.  Kitchen of the Imperial Asylum at Vincennes, 1859.  Salt print from wet-collodion-on-glass negative.  Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA.