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Finding out about your work of art: A bibliography of sources in the Clark library: Works on paper

Pierre Bonnard, The Little Laundress

Pierre Bonnard.  The Little Laundress (Le petit blanchisseuse), 1896.  Lithograph in deep red, orange yellow, bistre, gray-black, grayish beige, on China paper.  Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute.  Department of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs.


Eugene Atget

Eugene Atget.  Corner of the rue de Seine and rue de l'Echude, ca. 1919.  Arrowroot print from glass negative.  Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Dept. of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs.

Conservation and preservation: works on paper

Clapp, Anne F.  Curatorial Care of Works of Art on Paper:  Basic Procedures for Paper Preservation.  New York:  Lyons and Burford, 1987.

Intended to aid the conservation technician in caring for works on paper.  Part 1 consolidates published information on factors injurious to paper and on suggested safeguards.  Part 2 outlines procedures for treatment:  initial care, matting, framing, storage, etc.  Part 3 gives an overview of formulas, materials, and equipment useful for conservation, including a list of suppliers.

Stacks  N9220 C4 1987


Ellis, Margaret Holben.  The Care of Prints and Drawings.  Nashville, TN:  AASLH Press, 1987.

Gives practical advice to collectors and curators responsible for the care of prints and drawings.  Includes chapters on the characteristics and care of parchment and paper, the media of prints and drawings, matting and hinging and framing, storage and environment, and basic conservation procedures.  All sections include references.  Appendix I is a source of supplies.

Stacks  N9220 E55


James, Carlo, et al.  Old Master Prints and Drawings: A Guide to Preservation and Conservation.  Marjorie Cohn, editor and translator.  Amsterdam:  Amsterdam University Press, 1997.

Considers the problems of the conservation and preservation of works of art on paper, looking at drawings and prints from the introduction of paper in Europe in about 1150 to the middle of the 19th century.  Part 1 examines the character of works on art on paper, with chapters on collectors and mountings, paper, drawing and printing techniques and materials, and visual identification of graphic techniques and their supports.  Part 2 deals with preservation: its history and modern practices, and technical problems such as temperature and humidity, light, pollution, and insects.  Part 3 is on conservation: its history and modern concerns.  Part 4 is on specific conservation techniques: cleaning, stain removal, deacidification, consolidation and integration of paper, lining, and integration of color.

Stacks  N9220 M35 E 


Kosek, Joanna M.  Conservation Mounting for Prints and Drawings:  A Manual Based on Current Practice at the British Museum.  London:  Archetype Publications, 2004.

A “pioneering treatise” on mounting prints and drawings, compiled as a practical guide for anyone dealing with collections of works on paper.  Part 1 offers a theoretical background by giving an overview of the history of mounting at the British Museum.  Part 2 deals with individual mounting methods.  Part 3 considers the technique and style of stamping mounts with acquisition numbers and other data.  Part 4 brings together practical information about the mounting studio, specialist materials, and tools and equipment, together with a list of suppliers.

Stacks  N9220 K67


Lavedrine, Bertrand.  A Guide to the Preventive Conservation of Photographic Collections.  Sharon Grevet, translator.  Los Angeles:  Getty Conservation Institute, 2003.

Includes chapters on the vulnerability of photographs and the issues involved in their preservation; different measures for protection such as enclosures, regulating the environment, and monitoring collections; how to exhibit collections safely; issues in reformatting and digitization; and technical information on processing photographs for permanence.

Stacks  N9220 L38


Reilly, James.  Care and Identification of 19th-Century Photographic Prints.  Rochester, NY:  Eastman Kodak Company, 1986.

Includes sections on the history of photographic printing in the 19th century, component materials of 19th-century prints and their forms of deterioration, the stability of given print materials, identification of photographc and photomechanical print processes, preservation and collection management, and how to handle, display, and care for collections.

Stacks  NE2609 R43c


Rempel, Siegfried.  The Care of Photographs.  New York:  Nick Lyons Books, 1987.

Chapters on examining and handling photographs, deterioration of photographs, cleaning and stabilizing photographs, environments for photographic materials, housing photographs, and finding conservation services.    Chapter 1 gives a brief overview of photographic processes.

Stacks  N9227 P45 R45


Zigrosser, Carl, and Christa M. Gaehda.  A Guide to the Collecting and Care of Original Prints.  New York:  Crown, 1972.

Includes a brief introduction to prints and collecting, a short bibliography, a glossary of terms and techniques, one chapter on the artist and the print market and another on the dealer and the print market, and a paper on the care and conservation of prints.

Stacks  NE885 Z54 1972