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Provenance Research at the Clark Library: Marks of ownership

Research guide to provenance resources at the Clark library, with emphasis on the World War II era.

Tracing ownership through owners' marks

Physical evidence of past owners--such as stamps, inscriptions and bookplates--are important clues in piecing together a picture of ownership and descent over time. The sources listed below may be helpful for identifying and deciphering known collectors’ marks.


Fagan, Louis. Collectors' Marks.  Arranged and edited by Milton I.D. Einstein and Max A. Goldstein.   St. Louis:  The Laryngoscope Press, 1918.
Stacks  N5200 A1 F3


Lugt, Frits.  Les marques de collections de dessins et d'estampes: marques estampillées et écrites des collections particulières et publiques, marques de marchands, de monteurs et d'imprimeurs, cachets de vente d'artistes décédés, marques de graveurs apposées après le tirage des planches, timbres d'édition, etc.  La Haye:  M. Nijhoff, 1956.
Reference  N5200 A1 L8 Repr


Ricci, Seymour de.   English Collectors of Books and Manuscripts (1530-1930) and Their Marks of Ownership. Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 1930.
Stacks  NE900 R53


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