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Provenance Research at the Clark Library: Indexes to historical sales

Research guide to provenance resources at the Clark library, with emphasis on the World War II era.

Indexes to auction sales: historical sales

Art Sales from Early in the Eighteenth Century to Early in the Twentieth Century (mostly old master and early English pictures).  Algernon Graves.  London:  Graves, 1918-1921.

Alphabetical by artist.  For each work, gives date of sale, auctioneer, owner, lot number, title, and purchaser.
Stacks  N8640 G73 (3 vols.)


Fredericksen, Burton B.  Corpus of Paintings Sold in the Netherlands during the Nineteenth Century. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Information Institute, 1998.

First volume includes results from 182 sales held in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, The Habue, Delft, and other cities.  Includes the results of substantial research on provenance and private collections.  Sales information can also be searched online through the Getty Provenance Index.
Reference  N8640 C67


 ---. The Index of Paintings Sold in the British Isles during the Nineteenth Century. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 1988-1996.

Scholarly, richly detailed publication provides coverage for the years 1801-1820.  Vols 2-3 contain data from approximately 900 catalogs, about 30% of which are not covered by Lugt.  In addition to sale information, this publication contains a wealth of biographical and contextual detail of the early 19th-century art trade in Britain.  Sales information can also be searched online through the Getty Provenance Index, which extends coverage up to about 1850.
Reference  N8640 I53