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Images: finding, using, and citing them: Find images in library databases/collections

Featured resource: ARTstor

ARTstor collections are comprised of contributions from museums, individual photographers, scholars, special collections at libraries, and photo archives.  Collections available fall into such categories as African-American studies, American studies, architecture and architectural history, Asian studies, design and decorative arts, Medieval studies, photography, Renaissance studies, women’s studies, and many more.  One of the major collections in ARTstor is The Illustrated Bartsch, a peerless source of images of prints.

ARTstor's Online Image Viewer (OIV), which can be downloaded from within the ARTstor site, is a good alternative to PowerPoint.  It can be used to present ARTstor images; it can also incorporate images from other sources.  The viewer has templates that allow the juxtaposition of  two or more images on a slide; some templates also allow zooming an image.


Licensed image databases and collections (access restricted to Clark/Williams)

The following electronic resources are available on the Williams/Clark campus or through the Williams proxy server.  ARTstor comes with its own presentation software; images from all the databases and collections can be downloaded and used in any commercial presentation software.  Be sure to follow any copyright guidelines or restrictions and click here for more information on "fair use" and other copyright definitions and issues.


Art Images for College Teaching

Collection of images of art and architectural works in the public domain, distributed on a free-access, free-use basis. Emphasis on ancient, medieval, and the Renaissance in Europe. Hosted by the Department of Art History at the University of Minnesota.

Williams Electronic Resource



ARTstor is a digital library of more than one million images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences with a suite of software tools to view, present, and manage images for research and pedagogical purposes.  See the "Featured resource" box to the left for more information.

Clark/Williams Electronic Resources


Index of Christian Art

The ICA records works of art from early apostolic times up to A.D. 1550.   An initial emphasis and focus on art of the western world has been corrected in recent years years with the addition of significant holdings from Coptic Egypt, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Syria, Armenia, and the Near East. Seventeen different media are represented in the archive: manuscripts, metalwork, sculpture, painting, glass, etc.  The Internet database presently contains 80,000+ records of works of art which are accompanied by 100,000+ images in color and black and white. Many of these images have never before been digitized. 


Oxford Art Online

Oxford Art Online (formerly Grove Art) includes links to external images and to the Art Resource image database, “the world’s largest photo archive of fine art,” which contains over 100,000 high quality images of works of painting, sculpture, architecture and the minor arts from most of the world’s major museums, monuments, and commercial archives.  There may be a charge for using images from this source. 

Clark/Williams Electronic Resource


Williams Visual Resources Center 

Digital collection of 22,000 images, specifically developed in support of art history, studio art and visual culture courses taught at Williams College, updated frequently throughout the semester, and accessed through Williams Collections Online or directly from the Visual Resources Center Website.

Williams Electronic Resource