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Photography: researching its history, processes, and photographers: Photography journals

Important historical journals in the Clark library collection

Asahi Kamera Nenkan = Asahi Camera Annual. [Tokyo: Asahi Shimbun Sha, 19.
Clark Offsite Storage  N8 A825  Library has: 1953-1970


C International Photo Magazine. London: Ivory Press, 2005.
Clark Stacks N1 C2155  Library has: v.1 (2005)- v.10 (2010)


Camera. English edition. Lucerne: C. J. Bucher, 1957.
Clark Stacks N1 C25  Library has: no.3 (1970) - no.5 (1980)


Camera Work; a Photographic Quarterly. Edited by Alfred Stieglitz. New York: A. Stieglitz, n.d.
Clark Rare Book Room N1 C3  Library has: no.32(1910)-no.49/50(1917) [holdings incomplete]


Camera Work; a Photographic Quarterly. Edited by Alfred Stieglitz. Nendeln, Liechtenstein: Kraus Reprint, 1969.
Clark Stacks N1 C3 Repr.  Library has:  v.1-4 (1903)-v.45-50 (1914-17)


Center for Creative Photography. Tucson, Ariz: University of Arizona, Center for Creative Photography, 1976.
Clark Stacks N831 A3  Library has: no.1(1976)-no.13(1981)


The Daguerreian Annual. Lake Charles, LA: The Society, 1990.
Clark Stacks N1 D24  Library has: 1990-2010


The Daguerreian Journal.  NY:  Printed by W.S. Dorr (etc.), 1850-1851.
(Continued by: Humphrey's Journal of the daguerreotype and photographic arts, and the sciences and arts pertaining to heliography.See below)
Williams LSF Microfilm  TR1.H8  Library has:  Vol. 1-3 (1850-1851)


Déjà-vu: A Photography Quarterly. Tokyo: Foto Puranetto, 1990.
Clark Stacks N8 D45  Library has:  1990-1995


Das Deutsche Lichtbild. Berlin: R. & B. Schultz, 1927.
Clark Rare Book Room  N3 D4458  Library has:  1927-1938


Humphrey's Journal of the daguerreotype and photographic arts, and the sciences and arts pertaining to heliography.  NY: [s.n.], 1852-1862.
Humphrey's journal of photography and the heliographic arts and sciences. NY:  Printed by W. S. Dorr [etc], 1862-1863.
Humphrey's journal of photography and the allied arts and sciences.  NY: Printed by W.S. Dorr [etc.], 1863-1870.
Williams LSF Microfilm TR1.H8  Library has:  v.4-13 (1852-1862), v. 14 (1862-1863), v. 15-20 (1863-1869)


Image: Journal of Photography of the George Eastman House. [Rochester, N.Y: George Eastman House], 1952.
Clark Stacks N1 I35  Library has: v.3 (1954)-v.31 (1987) [holdings incomplete]; v.32 (1989)-v.41,1-2(1998)-v.46 no.1 (2008)-


Imago. Bratislava, Slovakia : Fotofo, [1995? -
Clark Stacks N1 I353  Library has: nos.19 – 25-26 (2004 – 2008)


Leonardo. Oxford, Eng.: Pergamon Press, n.d.
Clark Offsite Storage N1 L46  Library has: v.3 (1954)-v.31 (1987) [holdings incomplete]; v.32 (1989)-v.41,1-2(1998)-v.46 no.1 (2008)-


The Photographic Journal of America. Philadelphia: Benerman & Wilson; 1864.
Clark Stacks Microfilm Drawers, Ground Floor  Library has:  v.1(1864)-v.25(1888)


The Photographic News: A Weekly Record of the Progress of Photography. Edited by Walter B. Woodbury, William Henry Fox Talbot, Joseph Albert, Duncan C. Dallas, Francis [act 1860s Gresley, and H. P. Robinson. London: Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, 1859.
Clark Rare Book Room N1 P4548  Library has:  v.1 (1858-1859), v.4-12 (1860-1868)


Photographic Times. Edited by J. Traill Taylor, W. I. Lincoln Adams, Walter E. Woodbury, Alfred Stieglitz, Charles I. Berg, Henry R. Blaney, Alfred Clements, et al. New York: Scovill Manufacturing Company, The Photographic Times Publishing Association, 1871.
Clark Rare Book Room N1 P4554  Library has:  v.13-14 (1883-1884), 20-22, 24 & 25, 28-29


Photographische Mitteilungen. Edited by Hermann Wilhelm Vogel and Ernst Vogel. Berlin: Robert Oppenheim, 1864.
Clark Rare Book Room  N3 P5486  Library has: Jahrg.29 Heft 1 (1 Apr.1892) - Jahrg.29 Heft 24 (15 Mar. 1893) (Heft 7 missing)

Current journals in the Clark library collection

Afterimage. Rochester, N.Y.: Visual Studies Workshop, n.d.
Clark Stacks N1 A3  See library catalog for holdings


Aperture. San Francisco, Calif: Minor White, 1952.
Clark Stacks N1 A58  Library has: Nos.1,3 (1952), v.2 (1953)- v.19 (1974-75); no.77 (1976)- no.215 (2014)-


The British Journal of Photography. Liverpool ; London: H. Greenwood, 1854.
Clark Stacks Microfilm Drawers, Ground Floor  Library has: 1854-1976


Bulletin de La Societe Francaise de Photographie. Paris: Société française de photographie, n.d. 
Clark Stacks Micofilm Drawers, Ground Floor  Library has:  1855-1905


Camera Austria International. Graz, Austria: Forum Stadtpark, 1991.
Clark Stacks N3 C35  Library has: no.2 (1980)-no.125 (2014)- (holdings incomplete)


Exposure. [New York: Society for Photographic Education], n.d.
Clark Stacks N1 E96  Library has:  v.13(1975)-v.23(1985) [incomplete]; v.24(1986)-v-47 no.1 (2014)-


Fotogeschichte. Frankfurt am Main: T. Starl, 1981.
Clark Stacks N3 F67  Library has:  v.1 (1981)-v.34 no.131 (2014)-


Grey Room.  Cambridge, MA:  MIT Press Journals, 2000.
Clark Offsite Storage  N1 G74  (also available online)  Library has: v. 1 (2000) - v. 56 (2014)-  


History of Photography. [London: Taylor & Francis Ltd.], n.d.
Clark Stacks N1 H55  Library has: v.1 (1977)-v.38 no.2 (2014)-


 Photoresearcher. Croydon, Surrey, England: European Society for the History of Photography, 1990.
Clark Stacks N1 P452  Library has:  no.1(1990)-no.20 (2013)-

Aperture, 2014

Borges, Sophia. "Otienta Milhões de Anos (Eighty Million Years)," photograph, 2012. In: Aperture, Silas Marti, Vol. 215, Summer 2014,  p.113.

Photographic News, 1886

Swain, J. "J Swain Nature Photo." In: Condojannaky, N.," Ice Hilling in St. Petersburg". Photographic Journal, April, 23, 1886, p. 267. 

Camera Austria, 2014

Paglen, Trevor. "They Watch the Moon," C-print photograph, 2010. In: Norman M. Klein, Trevor Paglen. Invisible Kingdoms: A Feudal History of Black Budgets/Onsivhtbare Königreiche: Eine Feudalgeschichte schwarzer Budgets.  Camera Austria, International, 127, 2014. p. 129.

Exposure, 2014

Figure 13. Genera Idea, Baby Makes 3, 1984/ printed 1989, chromogenic print, 76.2 x 63.5 cm. General Idea, Collection fonds national d'art contemporain (CNAP), ministère de la Culture et de la communication, Paris-La Défense.  In Exposure Fall 2014 Volume 47:2. p. 53